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Posted By: on June 04, 2018

How Mental and Physical Health are Intertwined

The World Health Organization (WHO) put it clearly when they released the statement that “there is no health without mental health.” Unfortunately, in spite of the advocacy of many important organizations such as WHO, there are still countless patients (and even some healthcare providers) who don’t fully understand how profound the connection between mental and physical health truly is. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that these factors are intertwined.

Taking Care Of Yourself Has Many Benefits

Self-care is a fundamental principle of therapeutic psychology. Any good counselor will strive to help their patients understand that they are worthy of good things — and though this can sometimes mean thinking positively and exploring one’s own emotions, it can also sometimes mean pursuing health and balance in a physical sense.

A Physically Healthy Lifestyle Promotes Mental Health

When you are struggling with mental health concerns, it can be difficult to focus your time and energy on healthy habits such as getting exercise, eating right, and sleeping an adequate number of hours. However, it is a well-documented scientific fact that making small choices to improve your physical health can have a measurably positive impact on a number of common mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

The Importance of Psychological Counseling for the Physically Ill

On the flip side of the coin, studies have also shown mental health counseling to be especially important for people undergoing physical health issues such as illness or injury. Because poor physical health can easily lead to negative thought patterns and other destructive behavior, the guidance of a mental health counselor can be truly valuable during such trying times.

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