Video: What Impact Might Big Corporate Hospitals Have on Counseling?

Posted By: on January 22, 2015

I think we’re entering an interesting time in the counseling world. We’re witnessing big-insurance and big-corporate hospitals beginning to dictate the flow of all sorts of medical treatment.

I think the risk to counseling – in particular to counselors in a private practice – is the real possibility that large hospitals and doctors groups will begin bringing their own therapists So the client will go to the same doctors office for both physical and mental health issues, drawing clients away from the person doing counseling as a private practitioner.

I think one way private practice therapists can remain independent is to gather together and form groups. As a group of like-minded psychotherapists performing counseling, the team can form contracts with doctors, integrating their mental health care with the doctor’s physical care.

This is, of course, a crystal ball guess, but one based on my own experience running a group and contacting with doctors. In fairness, my crystal ball may be broken.

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