How Psychiatry Can Complement Counseling

Posted By: on September 03, 2018
person in need of psychiatric services

The two treatment options benefit one another.

Meeting with a psychiatrist can support the way that you heal. In addition to promoting good physical and psychological health, psychiatry complements talk therapy. You can enjoy both the benefits of taking medication, as well as working through your issues with a licensed therapist, and you’ll be able to make progress quickly and effectively.

Here are two of the ways psychiatry complements counseling:

  • By increasing cognitive reasoning. When a client receives the medication needed to think clearly, they’re able to understand why they’re in therapy and how it can help them in the future. They’re able to rationalize the benefits and apply the tools and techniques that they learned from their therapist to everyday situations and their relationships. If you’ve been struggling to benefit from therapy, it could be due – in part – to not having the medication you need to function optimally. You may even be on the wrong medication altogether. Being able to dig deep into your medication history allows our psychiatry team to help you achieve your goals of better mental health.
  • By providing a whole-person program of care. Our counseling services have a client’s best interests in mind. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or NP works with the therapist to come up with an action plan that benefits the individual. Psychiatric services are provided in person in our Loveland and Fort Collins offices, and via tele-health everywhere. Therapy services are available in these locations, too, making it convenient to visit one facility for a multitude of mental health care resources.

Being fully supported in your efforts to heal is important to Heart-Centered Counselors. That is why we offer complete support by providing you with optional psychiatry services as well as individual and couples counseling. Having access to medication that complements the work that you’re doing to heal is essential to your mental health and overall well-being.

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