Heart Centered Counseling Offers Psychiatry Services in Fort Collins and Loveland Offices

Posted By: on April 30, 2018

Heart Centered Counseling announces that their Fort Collins and Loveland offices now offer psychiatry services. Psychiatrist staff members are being added to better serve their clients’ needs.


Heart Centered Counseling logoFort Collins, United States – Clients of Heart Centered Counseling can now receive psychiatry services in the Fort Collins and Loveland offices.


HCC is comprised of a team of experienced therapists dedicated to helping clients overcome obstacles, find peace of mind and return to normal lifestyles. Newly offered psychiatry services  (http://carlscounseling.com/fortcollins-old-town-colorado) backed by psychiatrist staff members expand HCC’s abilities to assist clients with finding long-term relief and healing from deep turmoil and painful life experiences caused by depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marital strife, traumatic events, and more.


Both individual and couples counseling sessions are provided. Individual sessions put clients in contact with caring therapists that maintain 100 percent confidential and nonjudgmental environments that make them feel comfortable from the start. Couples therapy (http://carlscounseling.com/loveland) consist of three parts – Attunement, Involvement and Resolution – that offer caring, competent support and healing to help rekindle the love, romance and connection that originally brought them together.


“Whatever you’re struggling with, I want you to know that we can connect you with someone who can help. We are here to help anyone in the Northern Colorado area who is looking for a therapist or counselor. Our goal is to help you feel well and whole again.” – Carl Nassar, LPC, CIP, CIIPTS and Director of HCC


About the Company: Heart Centered Counseling was founded by Carl Nassar who is both the Director of the practice and a professional licensed counselor. Nassar lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and is a recipient of the Outstanding Practitioner Award via the Colorado Counseling Association. HCC is a growing practice with offices in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado. It is comprised of a team of therapists who have come together to offer the best care available to those struggling with personal, relational and mental health issues.


For more information, please visit: http://carlscounseling.com/


Contact Info:

Name: Carl Nassar

Email: help@heartcenteredcounselors.com

Organization: Heart-Centered Counseling

Addres: 320 West Olive Street Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

Phone: 970-498-0709

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