Happy Together: The Healing Power of Your Marriage

Posted By: on March 13, 2019
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Couples counseling strengthens bonds and teaches better communication skills both before and during a marriage.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married five months or fifty years. The secret to a happy and successful marriage is valuing one another as the complex human beings that you both are. After all, just as seasons change, so do people and the relationships that they have. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage will take a turn for the worse. It does imply, however, that people are capable of changing which means that their hopes, dreams, agendas, motivations, and feelings may be different than what they were when they first entered their relationship.

Why Bother with Marriage Counseling?

Many couples enter marriage counseling as a way of strengthening their communication skills, learning how to handle conflict effectively, and to get over past hurts and issues so they can focus on fully loving their spouse. This type of counseling is often recommended to young men and women who are planning to get married so that they have the skills needed to quickly get past conflicts with greater ease; and it’s often recommended to those, on the flip side, who are seriously considering divorce. But there’s a great deal of benefit to marriage counseling at so many other times too.

What Marriage Counseling Can Offer You

There is so much more to this type of therapy than most people know. Here are some of the things that marriage counseling can offer you as a couple:

  • By identifying unmet needs. One key step to healing a relationship is being honest with your spouse. When you let them know what you need and ask that they help you to get it, you’re doing two things. You’re bearing witness to the power of love and making yourself vulnerable. It helps you accomplish more because you’ve taken the time to open up to your partner.
  • By coming up with positive solutions to complicated issues. Your therapy sessions will be unique to your situation. They’ll involve action steps that help you deal with the past, focus on the present moment, and hope for a brighter future with the person you married.

Allow your marital life to flourish. The relationship with your spouse is among the most intimate connections you’ll have during your lifetime. You can take what you learned during your marriage counseling sessions and apply it to your communication going forward. By doing so, you’ll strengthen and heal your marriage through inspired action.

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