Group Counseling and How It Helps with Relationships and Mental Health

Posted By: on January 02, 2019
group therapy

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Group counseling offers a unique environment for growth. Individuals who opt to be part of group therapy learn a lot about themselves in relation to other people. They quickly learn their communication style, how to deal with people with different personalities, and how to maintain their physical and mental health by asking for what they need from others to thrive.

How Being Part of Group Therapy Helps Your Relationships

Some of the ways that group therapy helps a person’s relationships is by teaching them how to effectively communicate wants and needs in a short amount of time. Because each person gets a chance to speak, it’s important that others be mindful of the time they spend talking about themselves. They also learn how to active listen so they’re able to truly hear what other participants are speaking about, both in content and emotion. Group therapy also emphasizes the importance of body language and how it communicates what words don’t.

The Mental Health Benefits of Group Counseling

Group counseling participants are able to better understand themselves, others, and the world around them. They aren’t as quick to catastrophize situations because they see things for what they are, and not through a lens of anxiety. They’re able to use the skills that they learned and the relationships they developed in group therapy to feel supported and grounded.

Group counseling has distinct benefits as mentioned above. It strengthens relationships by making you a better communicator. You’re able to address your needs and communicate your desires to the people you’re interacting with. That way, they aren’t left guessing what you’re hoping for out of your relationship. They know exactly what you need and want and you can come up with solutions together, solutions that are respectful of the both of you.

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