Does my child need counseling?… and why some parents wait too long (A blog about Child Counseling and Child Psychologists)

Posted By: on December 04, 2018
Depressed child

Children with psychological issues sometimes don’t get the help they need to thrive because their parents don’t elect to seek counseling for them. The minimization of the benefits of mental health services may stem from a number of things: personal beliefs about therapy and misconceptions about the cost and successfulness of counseling are some of the most common reasons why parents may choose not to try at least one session with a child psychologist

However, child psychologists and therapists are working to inform the public about the benefits of child counseling so that more children get the help that they need to overcome challenging situations physically and mentally. Heart-Centered Counseling is one spot where kids experiencing troubling circumstances can move past challenges and enjoy well-adjusted, play-filled childhoods.

Barriers That Prevent Parents from Seeking Counseling Services for Their Children

Let’s explore a few more reasons why parents may wait too long to seek professional help for their children’s mental health. Some parents possess too little knowledge about the counseling experience and therefore see it as non-beneficial. Others fear that the cost of such services is too high for them to pay for. Many parents believe that their children are going through a stage that they’ll soon outgrow and elect to forgo treatment because of their belief. Transportation poses a problem for some parents and so does childcare for their other children.

Being supportive takes effort. If you find yourself making excuses for the lack of counseling in your child’s life, consider asking for help. There are resources available for families in need of extra guidance, support, and even ride services to appointments. When in doubt, lean on trusted family members, friends, and co-workers to talk through whether counseling might be helpful for your child.

Getting Help for Your Child

Whatever the challenge may be, Heart-Centered Counseling is here to help you and your child. Not only do we offer in-person appointments, but we also have teleservices for kids who can’t travel easily for one reason or another. Letting us know which works best for the child helps us get the right care for your son or daughter. Our compassionate psychologists will help any apprehensive children feel right at home.

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