Dealing with Your Adolescent Child

Posted By: on May 26, 2016

Every parent looks to and dreads the day when their baby becomes an adolescent child. It is a time where parents can truly teach and guide them in becoming responsible and better adults. However, it can also be a time where parents’ bad decisions will scar their children forever. There is no doubt that this is a very stressful time in parenting but you can plan for it. Keep in mind that no matter what happens, a healthy relationship at the end of the day is the best possible result.

The main cause for stress is usually due to the fact that parents assume that their child is being rebellious or difficult on purpose. That is usually not the case. Parents need to understand that their child is growing up and developing their own perspective and opinions on life. They have every right to a different opinion and that is O.K. It is true that their limited scope on life might lead them to some incorrect perspectives that need to be addressed. However, this can only happen once you have respected their opinion. Your patience and guidance are valued much more than your scolding or friction.

You may also become stressed by the fact that your child is becoming a different person from what you imagined. Maybe you wanted your child to be interested in sports but they prefer to read instead. This is also O.K. It is important to always encourage your child to pursue their interests and strengths. Become the person that your child will want to turn to for guidance. Help them accomplish their goals in whatever they want to do. Their happiness will eventually translate to a better two-way relationship.

When it seems like your relationship with your child is not going too well, you may want to consult a counselor to serve as a third party. Perhaps you are missing out on something crucial or maybe you are not communicating well enough. Remember, a healthy relationship will help them build greater confidence and self-esteem.

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