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Couples & Marriage Counseling

Hope for Your Most Important Relationship

If you’re reading this page, it’s likely your relationship is hurting. Angry words, betrayal, an uneasy silence—something’s got your relationship down.

You’ve come here to find caring, competent support to help you get through this difficult time. You want to rekindle the love, the romance, the connection that once drew you together.

You’ve come to the right place. I—and the team at Heart Centered Counseling—would love to help. And we have the skills and competence to do just that.

Together, you and your partner can experience a healing relationship with an expert counselor, your therapist, where those hurt parts of relationship will heal, and you’ll reclaim that lost sense of togetherness.

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Care. Compassion. And Help.

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Here’s How We’ll Help Your Relationship

First, we’ll get you matched with the therapist best equipped to help with your specific struggles. All of our counselors are highly-qualified and highly-experienced. Whoever you work with, your therapist is equipped to help you find relief from the pain you’re experiencing.

Together, you, your partner, and your counselor will begin a journey of healing. Following your lead, your counselor works to listen and understand your struggles. You’ll both have the opportunity to share, and you’ll each feel heard and understood.

Using what he or she has learned, your counselor will help you both gain new perspectives on your relationship. You’ll understand, perhaps for the first time, how unmet needs and unresolved feelings are affecting your relationship.

In a manner that will be transparent to you, your counselor will use a collection of powerful theoretical approaches to your therapy. You will experience the power of a caring therapist who’s also equipped with many tools and skills to help your relationship heal.

Our team consists of professional and compassionate psychologists, counselors, and therapists. We are here to help you and your significant other in your time of need.

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What Marriage Counseling is Like –in 3 Parts

You’ll experience three parts to your couples therapy: attunement, involvement, and resolution.

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Part 1: Attunement

“I feel you care—about my relationship, and about me.”

When you or your partner are sad, you’ll find that our counselors are compassionate listeners. When you’re scared or anxious, your counselor will offer a feeling of reassurance. When you’re angry, your counselor will take you seriously and be impacted by that anger.

Whatever you or your partner are feeling, you’ll find us tuned in and right there with you. Each of you will be heard and understood.

“I’ve got an advocate, someone who cares about me and my relationship and is going to get me through this.”

Part 2: Involvement

“You’re involved with us.”

We make it a priority to listen and understand, to be sure you and your partner feel heard and valued. And we also make sure we go beyond listening—and get involved.

All of our counselors have many years of clinical training and experience. And we’ll use that to help your relationship.

Together, we’ll find the words to give you a deep understanding of what’s gone wrong in the relationship.
Together, we’ll create a profound understanding of what’s been going on, an understanding that will allow us to heal the relational wounds.

“The counselors work with us,” our couples clients tell me.“ Sure, they listen, but they don’t just sit back listening. They get in the trenches with us. While I can feel their compassion, I deeply appreciate their insight.”

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Part 3: Resolution

And then, together, we’ll do the healing work.

You’ve come to us because your relationship is hurting. You need someone who can help you heal.

We’ll support and empower you both to make the changes that lead to wholeness and wellness, encouraging relational transitions, making changes out there in the way you live your shared live, doing the emotional healing work in session.

Whatever the work, we’ll do it together. We’ll get you to the other side of this healing journey. And there you can enjoy the laughter and the love that’s at the heart of your relationship.