Counseling and Anxiety Relief

Posted By: on May 13, 2016

Many people will worry about something everyday. Being worried is a natural reaction that reminds us of something we need to do or a problem we need to solve. However, worrying and anxiety can become a problem when the mind becomes pre-occupied with “what-if” questions. It can disrupt work functions and social interactions. Emotional energy is spent on worrying rather than on more important functions. It is very important to live at a healthy level of worry!

Don’t try to stop worrying. Trying to just force the mind to stop thinking or worrying does not work because the mind will just focus on it more. There are many other methods for reliving anxiety. One simple trick is to tell the brain that all worries will be addressed at a later time. Perhaps at a time when you have time to relax and sort out the anxieties.
Challenge the anxiety. It is okay to ask yourself: is my worry even realistic or solvable? If you are anxious about solving world poverty, you may want to take a step back and ask yourself these questions. There is no point in worrying too much about something that is not within your control. Do not let your life be dictated by something you cannot control.
Understand uncertainty. Many people are anxious because they do not know what will happen next. That is fine because uncertain situations will surely happen on a daily basis. Instead of spending energy worrying about it, try preparing for uncertainty. For example, do not worry too much about a 50% chance of rain. Just bring an umbrella!

If the source of your anxiety or worrying is due to a past experience or if nothing seems to be working, consider counseling. Maybe you need someone to point your mind in the right direction for overcoming anxiety. Counseling can also help close any previous experiences as well. Anxiety is not a very healthy way to live. Keep the worrying to a bare minimum!

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