Could Your Teen Benefit From Counseling?

Posted By: on October 17, 2019
depressed teen

Teens today face a wide range of social pressures while battling hormones and other challenges associated with becoming young adults. Finding a way to help them cope effectively, become so important.

Often hesitant to engage with parents or peers on an emotional level, teenagers can respond far better in therapy settings, especially girls and young women. But, why is this the case, and could your teen benefit from counseling?

The benefits of counseling intervention:

With their occasional distrust of sharing emotions with parents, and an anxiety around the established system, many teens flatly refuse to cooperate with parents, but seem to respond far better in a therapy setting, where they can share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or reprimand. If your teenager is experiencing problems at school, college, work or even at home, then a counseling session may be a meaningful solution.

How does therapy work?

Some common topics of discussion in counseling sessions include substance abuse, alcohol dependency, eating disorders, relationship issues (at home and school), abuse or anger, to name but a few, and in talking openly with a therapist about the issues that they may be experiencing, teenagers can find a safe support. Most teens will go on to learn new ways of coping with problems, and even develop their social skills by understanding that their struggles are not unique and that they are not alone.

All the above becomes easier for adolescents when they find themselves with a safe counseling outlet for their emotions.

Why do girls and young women respond so well to counseling?

Whether we like to admit it or not, society at large is a patriarchal one, and girls and young women can end up feeling victimized and fearful of sharing their concerns in a world where historically, they have not been taken seriously. Counseling can help them to lose the sense of being a victim and give them the personal power to become who they truly want and deserve, to be. In fact, counseling could help young girls and women achieve so much more in life and enable them to proudly their heads high in a world in which the youth are truly our future, which in turn, benefits us all.

Life can be tough for teenagers, and let’s face it, we were all one once, so shouldn’t we all empathize with what they may be going through? If we want our young adults to enjoy growing up, to discover who they really are, and show us all their true potential, then we should all try to help them as best we can. If you have a troubled teen who is struggling with an issue that you’re not able to help them overcome, then counseling may be just the thing to help them, and you.

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