Could Counseling Get Your Relationship Back On Track?

Posted By: on October 03, 2019
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We sometimes fantasize about enjoying blissful relationships that flourish with every passing day, and in which we grow together for years, never questioning our loyalty or love for each other. But this is not reality for real-life couples. In fact, no relationships are perfect, it just may be that some individuals are better at hiding their problems than others.

If your relationship is in some sort of crisis, or you’re experiencing problems that are affecting your ability to continue loving – or even liking – each other, then it’s never a good idea to try and hide this. While announcing your relationship troubles to all and sundry may be a step too far, ignoring them and not allowing others to try and help you, or offer some support, will only see those troubles multiplying or getting worse.

Common coping mechanisms for those experiencing relationship problems

Some throw themselves into their work and try not to think about problems in their personal life, while others may have a hard time focusing and functioning in a normal manner at work. Others may even experience anxiety attacks at the thought of the relationship ending and may not be able to maintain their usual relationships with friends and family. Brushing the problem under the carpet is perhaps the most common of coping mechanisms.

Is how you are feeling normal?

You may experience a wide range of emotions when your relationship hits a crisis point, from sadness, grief, anger, frustration and pain, and all of these are perfectly normal and perfectly acceptable. However, they can be difficult to deal with on your own, and if your partner isn’t open to having a discussion about the issues you’ve both been facing, you may be left feeling helpless.

How can therapy help?

Talking therapies can be enormously helpful both for individuals and couples, but naturally couples counseling can be particularly empowering for a couple. In some cases, if one partner won’t attend, individual counseling can still be hugely beneficial, and can help you to explore and examine your thoughts and feelings about the relationship, while giving you some personal clarity about the issues you’re experiencing, too.

While there may be no magic solution to your relationship problems, talking things through with an outside party can help you feel supported while you come to terms with your feelings and work toward resolution.

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