Contact in Relationships: The Gift of Being Present with Ourselves and One Another

Posted By: on March 27, 2019
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How you can be more mindful and aware in every interaction you have in the future? It’s human instinct to crave connection with other people. After all, we’re social beings by nature. So, how do we fulfill our relationship needs in a world where technology drives our interactions with others? How do we connect with people outside of the short conversations we have in public or the text messages and chats we have electronically?

This deserves further exploration. Contact in relationships is very important. Being present with ourselves and other people allows us to explore our feelings closely and also work through the issues that may concern us most.

What Does It Mean to Be Present?

Being present means being involved in the task at hand or engaged with the person you’re spending time with. While your mind may occasionally drift back to the past or forward to plan the future, you keep bringing it back to the person you’re with. Your attention is on them, their body language, and their words.

You’re actively engaging with them because you are intently listening to what they are saying. You are also aware of how you feel and the non-verbal communication cues you’re displaying to others. When you’re present, there is engagement through eye contact, nodding, smiling, and responding in an attuned manner.

When you’re present with yourself, you are fully aware of your thoughts as you think them. You bring kindness and care to them, but don’t get hooked by them, and you work to understand the emotional content of your here-and-now experience. You’re not quick to rush through your feelings because they’re uncomfortable, rather you want to recognize their value in the moment.

Work with a Counselor to Become More Aware of Your Personal Interactions

Give yourself the gift of being present with your body, mind, surroundings, and other people more and more of the time. Doing so allows you to fully connect with the world around you and gain better insight into the role you play in your home, community, and planet. Working with a Heart-Centered Counseling therapist helps you become more involved with the present moment in your speech, thoughts, and actions.

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