Could Counseling Get Your Relationship Back On Track?

Posted By: on October 03, 2019
man and woman holding hands
We sometimes fantasize about enjoying blissful relationships that flourish with every passing day, and in which we grow together for years, never questioning our loyalty or love for each other. But this is not reality for real-life couples. In fact, no relationships are perfect, it just may be that some individuals are better at hiding their problems than others. If your relationship is in some sort of crisis, or you’re experiencing problems that are affecting your ability to continue lovin

Relationships Can Be Hard Work…But How Much Is Too Much?

Posted By: on August 08, 2019
man and woman walking and holding hand
The early, joyful stages of a relationship may lull you into a false sense of security, and the thought of having to work hard to make your partnership function, might seem like something other couples might need to do, but not you. However, as is the case with most couples whose relationship has progressed past those early stages, they will find themselves having to work to ensure that both of their needs, wants and desires are being met fairly. This is perfectly natural and often nothing

Contact in Relationships: The Gift of Being Present with Ourselves and One Another

Posted By: on March 27, 2019
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How you can be more mindful and aware in every interaction you have in the future? It’s human instinct to crave connection with other people. After all, we’re social beings by nature. So, how do we fulfill our relationship needs in a world where technology drives our interactions with others? How do we connect with people outside of the short conversations we have in public or the text messages and chats we have electronically? This deserves further exploration. Contact in relationships is

Four Ways to Handle Difficult Relationships

Posted By: on February 20, 2019
man and woman talking
How counseling helps you communicate better and what to do if the troubled relationship is with your spouse. If you have difficulty relating to some of the people in your life, you’re not alone. A difference in opinion is sometimes all that it takes to make communicating feel impossible. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find solutions when it comes to spending time with and even talking to the difficult people in your life. In fact, there are many ways to address trying relation

Dealing With Relationship Anxiety

Posted By: on March 07, 2018
 Being in a relationship can make us feel vulnerable. You are opening yourself up to someone emotionally and that can cause stress, especially if you have been hurt in previous relationships.While some anxiety is a relationship is normal, sometimes it can become overwhelming or even harmful to you or your relationship. If you feel that you are experiencing anxiety that could be damaging in some way, you may want to find practical ways of easing your anxiety and working through the stress th

Learning to Love Your Rough Edges

Posted By: on February 24, 2017
We all have parts of ourselves we don’t necessarily like. It may be easy to love your great sense of humor, compassion or friendliness, but there are other things about yourself that you probably find harder to love. You most likely aren’t proud of your temper or tendency to procrastinate. However, if you want to love yourself fully, you need to learn to love your rough edges, too. Unconditional love doesn’t require you to be perfect, so you don’t have to completely change or lose all yo

What Your Early Memories Can Tell You about Yourself

Posted By: on February 08, 2017
Think back to your earliest memory. How old are you? Research has shown that most people’s earliest memories date back to when they were about 3½ years old, although many adults only remember things from when they were about 6. Since we retain so few of those early memories from between the ages of three and six, the experiences we do recall probably have a profound impact on who we are as adults. The things we remember can vary widely from person to person. They can be play activities, injur

The Healing Power of Emotion

Posted By: on January 25, 2017
When it comes to feeling better about a bad situation, most people talk about the same few things that helped them overcome it. Whether it was talking to a friend or family member, seeking professional counseling, or some other way, they usually have one thing in common; they all involve expressing your emotions. It’s not good to keep your emotions inside. Many people think that expressing their emotions will make them seem weak, but it’s actually just the opposite. Really feeling and talki

Dealing with Anger in your Relationship

Posted By: on October 05, 2016
Anger is a natural human emotion. Sometimes things at work are frustrating, or someone rear-ends your car. It’s nearly impossible to never get angry. In reality, it’s how you deal with your anger that matters. If you and your partner are frequently angry at one another, there are ways to address it that will help avoid nasty fights and massive arguments.1. Address It ImmediatelyDon’t let anger linger. The more you sit and stew over a problem, the angrier you’ll become. Chances are, you

Addiction Treatment and the Recovery Process

Posted By: on September 07, 2016
By Matt GonzalesDrug addiction can become a chronic disease that affects your physical and mental health, job status and relationships. Once you're hooked on a drug, your whole life can revolve around it.Substance use disorders are common in the United States. Heroin use in particular has skyrocketed in recent years. From 2002 to 2013, heroin-related overdose deaths nearly quadrupled, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Al