The Psychiatrist Shortage in the US, and What We’re Doing to Help

Posted By: on September 17, 2018
Group of psychiatrists
It takes a village, and we’re up for the challenge! The shortage of psychiatrists in the United States is making it difficult for patients to promptly receive the care that they require. Depending on location, the average wait can be 12 to 16 weeks! Heart-Centered Counseling is actively hiring psychiatrists so we can see our patients within a seven day time period. Putting your mental health and well-being first is our priority, and we’re working around the clock to solve the psychiatrist s

How Psychiatry Can Complement Counseling

Posted By: on September 03, 2018
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The two treatment options benefit one another. Meeting with a psychiatrist can support the way that you heal. In addition to promoting good physical and psychological health, psychiatry complements talk therapy. You can enjoy both the benefits of taking medication, as well as working through your issues with a licensed therapist, and you'll be able to make progress quickly and effectively. Here are two of the ways psychiatry complements counseling: By increasing cognitive reasoning. Whe

Understanding the Difference Between Psychiatry and Psychology

Posted By: on May 18, 2018
Psychologists and psychiatrists are both highly trained professionals who specialize in understanding the brain, emotions, feelings, and thoughts of their patients. Because of this, some people use the two terms interchangeably -- however, there are a few important differences between these professions: Psychiatrists are medical doctors Their post-graduate academic careers begin with medical school, followed by a medical residency and then further specialization in mental illness. Because of

A Few Mental Health Conditions that Psychiatry Can Help With

Posted By: on May 09, 2018
Do you believe that you may need to seek psychiatric treatment for a mental health condition that is affecting your life? If so, the best way of receiving a definitive answer to your questions is by expressing your concerns to your psychologist or general practitioner. That being said, this blog post is intended to be a quick summary of a few of the mental health conditions most commonly treated by psychiatrists. Mental Health Conditions Effectively Treated by Psychiatrists Anxiety. This is

Psychiatry and Counseling: How They Go Hand in Hand

Posted By: on April 25, 2018
Regardless of your current situation in life, talk therapy can help you achieve personal growth, emotional satisfaction, and greater self-understanding. For people who are currently undergoing psychiatric treatment, the benefits of counseling can be even greater. Here are a few of the most common reasons why people choose to pursue psychological counseling: They experience persistent symptoms of anxiety and/or depression and they would like to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional