Is Your Marriage Under Strain Due To Covid-19?

Posted By: on May 07, 2020
married couple experiencing troubles
No matter whether you’re a lovestruck newlywed, or have been part of a contented marriage for many years, there are myriad things life can throw at us to put those relationships under strain, and a pandemic such as the one we’re all experiencing now, is a prime example.  With lockdown restrictions in place, couples are being forced to share small spaces for weeks on end, with little chance of reprieve. Add children, grandchildren and even pets to the picture, and the whole situation can

Happy Together: The Healing Power of Your Marriage

Posted By: on March 13, 2019
married couple on the lake
Couples counseling strengthens bonds and teaches better communication skills both before and during a marriage. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married five months or fifty years. The secret to a happy and successful marriage is valuing one another as the complex human beings that you both are. After all, just as seasons change, so do people and the relationships that they have. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage will take a turn for the worse. It does imply, however, that

Premarital Counseling: The Benefits of Marriage Counseling Before Getting Married

Posted By: on December 19, 2018
premarital counseling
Get to know your partner, their problem-solving skills, and communication style more intimately. If you’re planning on tying the knot anytime soon, it may benefit you to undergo marriage counseling with your partner. That way, you’re able to start your commitment off on the right foot by learning how to be effective communicators. You’ll gain valuable insight on the importance of active listening, speaking about your wants and needs as an individual, and learning how to overcome challenge

Why It’s Important to Try to Save Your Marriage, and How a Couples Counselor Can Help

Posted By: on November 06, 2018
married couple with baby
There comes a time in many couple’s lives where they must make the hard decision to fix their marital problems or end their marriage in divorce. Relational issues can build to the point that one or both parties no longer see value in the relationship. Before making this difficult decision, we invite you to explore the option of marital counseling with a licensed and experienced counselor. Doing so ensures that all options for saving a marriage are exhausted before calling the partnership quits