What to Say to Someone Who’s Depressed and How Counseling Can Help Depression

Posted By: on August 11, 2016
 Depression is one of the most misunderstood and mistreated conditions that someone might have. It is important to realize that depression is very different from a bad mood. A bad mood will go away over time. People in bad moods can just “feel better.” This is not the same for people with depression. They need professional treatment in order to help them regain a sense of happiness and pleasure again. While we may not all be professionals, we can still help out our depressed friends and fam

Dealing with ADHD

Posted By: on August 04, 2016
ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a psychiatric neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by trouble focusing or paying attention, difficulty controlling impulsive behaviors and excessive activity.ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood. It sometimes carries into adulthood, but many symptoms may disappear or lessen over time. While all children are overly hyperactive and have trouble focusing from time to time, those with ADHD exhibit these behaviors consistently over a long p

Some Quick Tips to Quickly Reclaim Confidence

Posted By: on July 29, 2016
Everyone gets a little down on themselves from time to time. But it’s important that you don’t wallow in it or let a lack of confidence keep you from living your life. Whether you’re just a little nervous or have taken a major blow to your self-esteem, there are lots of ways to build your confidence.There are some days when you just need a small boost, like before a big interview, a first date, or a meeting with your boss. There are plenty of simple ways to ease nerves and up your confiden

On Suicide Prevention

Posted By: on July 08, 2016
 *This is a special post written by Heart Centered Counseling's own Lisa Michaels April 8th would have been my little brother's 37th birthday. Tragically Demetri committed suicide 7 years ago just before his 30th birthday.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss my little brother dearly and wish he were still here. I'd like to send a message to people who are suffering in silence with suicidal thoughts: It would be easy for me to say "if you are thinking of ending your life please

How People Heal from Past Hurts With Counseling

Posted By: on May 13, 2016
Everyone has some baggage from previous experiences that they carry around. It is a normal part of life but it is not a healthy one. Unwanted or harmful baggage affects our daily tasks and interactions. Even if you forget about it for years, it only takes one trigger word or experience to bring it back. You should not have to carry this baggage around. However, the question is not how one can avoid any baggage at all. The right question is how can one heal from past experiences.Understand what h