What To Expect From Your First Counseling Session

Posted By: on April 23, 2020
counseling session
You may be nervous, worried or even a little fearful about your first counseling session, but in taking what will be the first step towards helping yourself to feel better, you have absolutely nothing to fear. Your counselor will quickly make you feel welcome, at ease and most importantly, safe. The space in which you’ll have your first conversation (and if it makes you feel better, that’s all it really is) will be entirely private, entirely safe and hopefully, entirely comfortable, alt

Am I Too Old To Benefit From Counseling?

Posted By: on April 09, 2020
elderly couple in counseling office
Growing old, while undoubtedly a privilege for so many, can be a time of fear and uncertainty, too. With age comes responsibility, a wide variety of health concerns, and anxieties and worries from the past can readily come back to haunt us. However, evidence continues to show that talking about our problems and concerns not only helps to lighten the emotional burden, but can help improve our overall health and wellbeing, too. If you’re a senior and have tried counseling when you were youn

Why Counseling Isn’t (Just) About Mental Health

Posted By: on January 30, 2020
Counseling session
There are many reasons why incidents of self-harm, attempted suicide, and mental breakdowns continue to rise among teenagers, college students and young adults in general. These range from social media to family issues to debts to mental health issues. While those with a diagnosable mental health condition may get the help and understanding that they need, those who struggle to cope with life for other reasons may receive much less attention. It’s not unusual for those struggling with

How To Tell Someone You Love That They Need Counseling

Posted By: on November 07, 2019
telling loved one they need counseling
It can be hard to watch a loved one suffer from low moods and depression, and sometimes it can be even harder to convince them that seeking professional help could lessen their suffering. While some are open to therapeutic methods of healing, many are not, and raising the topic with a loved one can anger or upset them, adding to their problems and increasing their stress levels. So, if you have a loved one whom you believe would benefit from counseling, how could you tell them that? Show

Could Your Teen Benefit From Counseling?

Posted By: on October 17, 2019
depressed teen
Teens today face a wide range of social pressures while battling hormones and other challenges associated with becoming young adults. Finding a way to help them cope effectively, become so important. Often hesitant to engage with parents or peers on an emotional level, teenagers can respond far better in therapy settings, especially girls and young women. But, why is this the case, and could your teen benefit from counseling? The benefits of counseling intervention: With their occasional distru

How Talking About Your Mental Health Can Help You

Posted By: on July 25, 2019
2 women talking about mental health
The term ‘coming out’ has historically been associated with individuals who declare to the rest of the world that their sexuality isn’t of the heterosexual persuasion. Most of us will say, let everyone live their life in the manner that they choose, but there will be those who are shocked and saddened by such a revelation. Telling others that you are battling with a mental illness can be a similar process, but while coming out about your mental state may alarm some, there are fewer and

My First Counselor was a Rosebush

Posted By: on May 23, 2019
I was in college and living in a house I had just bought...for $17,000. It was in the old, run-down part of town– it was an old, run-down kind of house. But it was mine. I had been charmed by its 1920s brass door handles and grandmotherly smell, but what I was really excited by were the rosebushes out front. Crazy rose vines with gnarled old trunks clenched like fists around the wild tangle of canes that climbed wildly up and around the chain link fence. My grandmother loved roses and had t

Laughter Might Be The Best Medicine

Posted By: on April 14, 2019
4 women laughing
It wasn’t until I went through one of the darkest seasons of my life, that I learned about the power of laughter. When anxiety rears its ugly head, or depression seems to wake you up, it feels like the end of the world. I’ve found that light is much closer than we think, closer than our very breath… Have you ever heard of a man named Norman Cousins? Me neither. Not until recently when I was moved by his story. Cousins, a political journalist took a trip to Russia and contracted ankylosi

What is Counseling Like?

Posted By: on January 16, 2019
depressed person on steps
Learn what to expect before attending your first session. You’ve probably witnessed the world of therapy through the entertainment industry’s eyes. You’ve seen plenty of therapists depicted in film and TV shows. Some of the impressions you may have been left with include therapy being ineffective, that it seldom helps, or that mental health professionals have large laundry lists of issues of their own! Counseling Isn’t What Hollywood Portrays It to Be Counseling is highly beneficial a

Group Counseling and How It Helps with Relationships and Mental Health

Posted By: on January 02, 2019
group therapy
Become a happier, healthier, better-supported version of yourself right away. Group counseling offers a unique environment for growth. Individuals who opt to be part of group therapy learn a lot about themselves in relation to other people. They quickly learn their communication style, how to deal with people with different personalities, and how to maintain their physical and mental health by asking for what they need from others to thrive. How Being Part of Group Therapy Helps Your Relatio