Is Codependency Affecting Your Mental Wellbeing?

Posted By: on January 02, 2020
codependant couple
Caring for someone that you love can be a beautiful thing, and when practiced in a healthy, rational manner, it can be celebrated and appreciated between both parties. However, if the level of care you’re bestowing on another is causing you to neglect your own needs or the needs of others around you, then it may be that you’re caught in a codependent cycle. What is codependency? The term codependency has its roots in addiction and recovery, although it’s often used simply to refer

Should I Take a Self-Evaluation Quiz to See if I Am Co-Dependent?

Posted By: on June 06, 2019
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My mother mentioned co-dependency to me before I started wondering if I too was living in a codependent relationship with my four year long boyfriend. She was getting divorced again, and finding helpful guidance from therapy and something I had never heard before, CoDa, which is a free meeting place for people to develop healthy relationships. The more my mother would talk about her counseling sessions, as well as her CoDa meetings, the more I became interested in seeing if I was codependent.