The Emotional Toll Mental Illness Can Have On Families

Posted By: on December 05, 2019
mother holding depressed son
While we often think about the individual who is suffering from a mental illness, we sometimes forget about the effect it can have upon those around the sufferer, especially their family. Living with a person who has a mental health concern can sometimes challenge those in the household and can lead to conflict. One way to reduce the emotional toll that mental illness can take upon families is to have every concerned party be involved in the healing process together, and counseling can be a

Heart-Centered Counseling Recently Opens a New Office in Colorado Springs

Posted By: on December 04, 2019
Heart-Centered Counseling Colorado Springs Office
Heart-Centered Counseling just opened its newest office in Colorado Springs called Heart-Centered Counseling of Colorado Springs. They have a team of office staff that is ready and willing to welcome old and new patients to the new facility. Their front office team will listen to their concerns and direct them to the right counselor who will get them the right help they need. Heart-Centered Counseling was started by Carl Nassar, a professional counselor from Fort Collins, Colorado. Carl is a li

Will Your Child Inherit Your Mental Health Condition?

Posted By: on November 27, 2019
parents holding childs hand
When one or both parents suffer from a mental health illness such as depression, a child is more likely to struggle with their mental health. However, most experts agree that when it comes to depression, the disorder is so complex that several factors such as genetics and environment come into play. Much of the recent research shows that there’s only an inherited genetic vulnerability to depression (and not a “depression gene”). How can depression in families be treated? Families w

Fort Collins, CO – Visitors Guide

Posted By: on November 22, 2019
City of Fort Collins CO
Visitors that come to Fort Collins, CO have a ton of entertainment choices.  Below is just a sampling of the many great things to do in Fort Collins. Paradise in Fort Collins is also known as The Horsetooth Reservoir.  This loved spot is opened all year and it should not be missed.  You can engage in outdoor activities such as water skiing, boating, sailing, swimming, fishing, and camping.  Also, there are miles of trails to hike or ride a horse. Entertainment Fort Collins is known

Coping With A Paranoid Partner

Posted By: on November 21, 2019
paranoid girl
Relationships can be challenging enough without one half of the partnership having regular feelings of paranoia. However, if it’s become evident that you have a paranoid partner, you may want to try and encourage them to seek professional help, especially when you consider that paranoia can be a symptom of an underlying illness.  What are typical traits of a paranoid partner? While traits may vary from individual to individual, some of the more common traits or behaviors can inclu

Can A Relationship Be Mended If The Trust Has Been Broken?

Posted By: on November 14, 2019
couple holding hands
Most successful relationships are based upon mutual trust, and when that trust is tested in some way, so is the relationship. That isn’t to say that both parties can’t move on together if there are trust issues, but neglecting to address the matter in an open and honest way can make it very difficult for either party to move forward. When was the trust broken? When trust becomes an issue early on in a relationship, the one who has been betrayed will doubtless find it a lot tougher to

How To Tell Someone You Love That They Need Counseling

Posted By: on November 07, 2019
telling loved one they need counseling
It can be hard to watch a loved one suffer from low moods and depression, and sometimes it can be even harder to convince them that seeking professional help could lessen their suffering. While some are open to therapeutic methods of healing, many are not, and raising the topic with a loved one can anger or upset them, adding to their problems and increasing their stress levels. So, if you have a loved one whom you believe would benefit from counseling, how could you tell them that? Show

Dating While Depressed

Posted By: on October 31, 2019
Dating While Depressed
While dating is something that most of us will experience in our lives – and which can be a fun and exciting experience, too – it does involve opening ourselves up to various situations and emotions that we may not be entirely comfortable with. Our vulnerabilities may be exposed, and there is the risk of rejection and disappointment, too. When you’re suffering with depression, something that should be exciting, and fun can quickly turn challenging, as you may not only struggle with your s

Could Injury Recovery And Mental Health Be Connected?

Posted By: on October 24, 2019
injured man suffering mental illness
Research has shown that there is a very clear connection between mental health and injury recovery, and in understanding this and talking about it more openly, patients can access the appropriate help that they need. Studies have also shown that the way in which health professionals talk about the link between the two can have a huge influence upon whether the patient fully appreciates that they may need to address both issues at once, and whether they go on to seek help. There are thought to b

Could Your Teen Benefit From Counseling?

Posted By: on October 17, 2019
depressed teen
Teens today face a wide range of social pressures while battling hormones and other challenges associated with becoming young adults. Finding a way to help them cope effectively, become so important. Often hesitant to engage with parents or peers on an emotional level, teenagers can respond far better in therapy settings, especially girls and young women. But, why is this the case, and could your teen benefit from counseling? The benefits of counseling intervention: With their occasional distru