How To Raise A Child To Be Psychologically Healthy

Posted By: on January 09, 2020
family on the beach
Every parent or caregiver will have their own views upon how they raise their children, and of course, there is no one answer that fits all. However, when it comes to raising a child to be psychologically healthy, there are some factors that should remain consistent: Know the stages of development It can be easy to expect too much from your child when you’re not fully aware of the many stages of their development. So, to ensure that your child doesn’t feel they are disappointing you o

A Guide To Holiday Activities In Littleton, CO

Posted By: on January 08, 2020
City of Littleton CO
Littleton, Colorado, is called the birthplace of South Park developer Matt Stone, who based some elements of his show of his individual experiences maturing in the area. The culturally-rich place is house to arts companies and tourist attractions such as the Littleton Symphony Orchestra and Town Hall Arts. Below given are some of the places which are mandatory to explore if one visits Littleton, CO. The Littleton Museum The Littleton Museum is Colorado’s very first Smithsonian-affil

A Guide To Outdoor Activities In Colorado Springs, CO

Posted By: on January 06, 2020
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs is a tourist destination that adventure and outdoor enthusiasts should visit. It is a place where "beautiful" is the only word needed to describe it. Mystical Beauty In The Garden Of The Gods Legend has it that at the end of the 19th century, two men visited what is now known as the Garden of the Gods. One said: "This place would be perfect for making a beer garden." Then the other said: "No, this is a garden worthy of the gods!" As a covenant, they named it the Garde

Is Codependency Affecting Your Mental Wellbeing?

Posted By: on January 02, 2020
codependant couple
Caring for someone that you love can be a beautiful thing, and when practiced in a healthy, rational manner, it can be celebrated and appreciated between both parties. However, if the level of care you’re bestowing on another is causing you to neglect your own needs or the needs of others around you, then it may be that you’re caught in a codependent cycle. What is codependency? The term codependency has its roots in addiction and recovery, although it’s often used simply to refer

How To Combat Negative Feelings As A New Year Approaches

Posted By: on December 26, 2019
Happy New Year 2020
The ‘New Year Blues’ is a term commonly associated with an emotionally low period that many experience as they approach a new year, and while the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one is a positive and happy time for many, it isn’t that way for millions of others. In fact, it’s common for many of us to experience feelings of dread, depression, anxiety and nervousness as January heads our way, and this often continues well into the new year. Recognizing the symptoms and tr

How The Holiday Season Can Affect Depression

Posted By: on December 19, 2019
depressed man at christmas
The festive season isn’t full of seasonal cheer and joy for everyone, and if you’re struggling to cope with depression at this time of year, it’s important for you to know that you’re by no means alone. Millions of people worldwide find the holiday season a particularly difficult time, but there are some steps you can take to make it a little more manageable: Seasonal depression and its symptoms: There are multiple symptoms and causes of depression, but it is commonly defined as

Littleton, CO Visitor Guide

Posted By: on December 18, 2019
city of Littleton CO in winter
It does not matter if you are attending a family event, traveling for business, looking for a perfect vacation spot, or just passing through because Littleton, CO has something for everyone.  For instance, there are various shopping opportunities, many diverse restaurant options, and a ton of outside parks for family fun. This quaint community offers easy access to downtown Denver and it is just a short 30 minute ride from the famous Rocky Mountains. Shopping in Littleton One of t

Are You Struggling With Low Self Esteem?

Posted By: on December 12, 2019
man with low self esteem
While there may be a whole host of causes for low self-esteem in adults, some are more common than others, such as childhood trauma or unhealthy relationships. Below are examples of how these causes can affect you as an adult, and what you can do to help boost your feelings of self-worth and esteem. Unhappy childhoods and their after-effects: Any number of people that you were surrounded by when growing up could have contributed towards your low self-esteem, but it’s most often people y

The Emotional Toll Mental Illness Can Have On Families

Posted By: on December 05, 2019
mother holding depressed son
While we often think about the individual who is suffering from a mental illness, we sometimes forget about the effect it can have upon those around the sufferer, especially their family. Living with a person who has a mental health concern can sometimes challenge those in the household and can lead to conflict. One way to reduce the emotional toll that mental illness can take upon families is to have every concerned party be involved in the healing process together, and counseling can be a

Heart-Centered Counseling Recently Opens a New Office in Colorado Springs

Posted By: on December 04, 2019
Heart-Centered Counseling Colorado Springs Office
Heart-Centered Counseling just opened its newest office in Colorado Springs called Heart-Centered Counseling of Colorado Springs. They have a team of office staff that is ready and willing to welcome old and new patients to the new facility. Their front office team will listen to their concerns and direct them to the right counselor who will get them the right help they need. Heart-Centered Counseling was started by Carl Nassar, a professional counselor from Fort Collins, Colorado. Carl is a li