The Power Of Positive Thinking

Posted By: on October 10, 2019
person feeling free with positivity
We’re all familiar with the concept of positive thinking and its’ powers, and oftentimes it can be all too easy to accept it as merely an overused cliché. However, much scientific research has been conducted over the years that demonstrates the physical and mental benefits of this, making the power of positive thinking much more than just a cliché. What can a positive mindset give you? If you’re in a positive frame of mind, you may feel more confident and your overall mood, might even im

Could Counseling Get Your Relationship Back On Track?

Posted By: on October 03, 2019
man and woman holding hands
We sometimes fantasize about enjoying blissful relationships that flourish with every passing day, and in which we grow together for years, never questioning our loyalty or love for each other. But this is not reality for real-life couples. In fact, no relationships are perfect, it just may be that some individuals are better at hiding their problems than others. If your relationship is in some sort of crisis, or you’re experiencing problems that are affecting your ability to continue loving

What in the world is an Adjustment Disorder?

Posted By: on September 26, 2019
Girl with adjustment disorder
Change happens to all of us, at any point in our lives, but how we cope with those changes can vary from person to person. Some accept, even embrace change, while others find change to be stressful, upsetting and too much to bear. Of course, a lot depends upon the nature of the change as to how we react to it, and while some changes may typically be viewed as positive, such as a promotion at work or the birth of a child, some of us struggle with the more challenging transitions and we may feel

Mental Illness Is No Laughing Matter, But Humor Can Help Heal

Posted By: on September 19, 2019
mentally ill woman smiling
If you suffer from a mental illness such as depression, you’ll know that there may be days, or even weeks, when the last thing you feel like doing, is laughing. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a sense of humor, it just means that your mood is too low to express it. While this is completely understandable, and indeed common, finding a way to get in a good laugh can help. Laughter may not have the healing ‘powers’ that some claim it to have, but there can be no denying the fact th

When Worrying Turns Into An Anxiety Disorder

Posted By: on September 12, 2019
stressed out woman, worrying
While we all worry – and it’s perfectly natural to do so - for some, those worries can take over their lives and even prevent them from functioning as they should. When this happens, the term ‘anxiety’ usually comes into play. While some use the two terms (worry and anxiety) on an interchangeable basis, we’ll refer to anxiety as a condition that affects the mental health of millions the world over. What are the differences between worry and anxiety? When a person is worrying, it’s

Why ‘Manning Up’ Isn’t The Solution For MENtal Health

Posted By: on September 05, 2019
man feeling alone and hopeless
Men are often encouraged to simply ‘man up’ when it comes to talking about their feelings or their mental health concerns (if they can even bring the topic up in the first place). With the stigma that sadly so often surrounds men and mental health, many males simply refuse to talk about issues that may be affecting them such as depression or anxiety, and instead force themselves to silently endure their problems. In doing so, some men go through their entire lives struggling to cope with the

When Child-Parent Conflict Affects The Whole Family

Posted By: on August 29, 2019
parents and children holding hands
Nobody ever said that parenting was easy, and while there may be some rule books out there, none can be followed to the letter, since every family is different, and no set of rules helps resolve every cause of conflict within a family. When unhealthy conflict does occur between a parent and child, it can be for many reasons and can have demoralizing effects upon the entire family. Understanding the root cause of the discord and talking openly about it, can help to restore peace and harmony to a

Depression, Will It Ever Go Away?

Posted By: on August 22, 2019
Derpessed female in the dark
For those who suffer from depression, it can feel as things will never be normal again, and that the battle to feel anything-but-depressed is a lost cause. However, with therapy, and sometimes with medication and therapy, people suffering from depression can live the emotionally healthy, functioning lives that they deserve, and with a few simple pointers, can recognize the signs of a relapse and stop it in its tracks:   Why do relapses of depression occur? This is not a question with a

How Social Media Can Feed Your Depression

Posted By: on August 15, 2019
woman on social media
Social media can play a large and often important role in our lives, but it can also feed right into the unhappy feelings that those suffering from depression are experiencing. For some, social media can almost take over their lives, to the point where they are continuously connected, and while others may able to cope perfectly well with this and not experience any unwanted or negative emotions as a result, others may feel overwhelmed and inadequate.   The negative cycle of social me

Relationships Can Be Hard Work…But How Much Is Too Much?

Posted By: on August 08, 2019
man and woman walking and holding hand
The early, joyful stages of a relationship may lull you into a false sense of security, and the thought of having to work hard to make your partnership function, might seem like something other couples might need to do, but not you. However, as is the case with most couples whose relationship has progressed past those early stages, they will find themselves having to work to ensure that both of their needs, wants and desires are being met fairly. This is perfectly natural and often nothing