Does my child need counseling?… and why some parents wait too long (A blog about Child Counseling and Child Psychologists)

Posted By: on December 04, 2018
Depressed child
Children with psychological issues sometimes don’t get the help they need to thrive because their parents don’t elect to seek counseling for them. The minimization of the benefits of mental health services may stem from a number of things: personal beliefs about therapy and misconceptions about the cost and successfulness of counseling are some of the most common reasons why parents may choose not to try at least one session with a child psychologist.  However, child psychologists and ther

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How Does It Help with Depression?

Posted By: on November 20, 2018
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If you’ve heard a lot of talk about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, there’s good reason for it. Therapists see measurable results in the behaviors exhibited by the patients when they teach CBT therapeutic techniques. People of all ages, and especially those who have depression, benefit from CBT. To understand how it might help you personally, it’s important to understand what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is all about. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 101 CBT is a form of psychotherapy

Why It’s Important to Try to Save Your Marriage, and How a Couples Counselor Can Help

Posted By: on November 06, 2018
married couple with baby
There comes a time in many couple’s lives where they must make the hard decision to fix their marital problems or end their marriage in divorce. Relational issues can build to the point that one or both parties no longer see value in the relationship. Before making this difficult decision, we invite you to explore the option of marital counseling with a licensed and experienced counselor. Doing so ensures that all options for saving a marriage are exhausted before calling the partnership quits

How to Overcome Loneliness and Isolation & When a Therapist Can Help

Posted By: on October 30, 2018
lonely woman walking
When you’re lonely, you may intentionally or unintentionally isolate yourself from other people. This isolation can lead to anxiety, depression, and a myriad of physical health issues. That’s why it’s important to have coping mechanisms that allow you to acknowledge feelings of loneliness and work in positive and productive ways to overcome them without cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. What to Do When Loneliness and Isolation Become Too Much to Handle Alone Having a profe

Some People Fear That Couples Counseling Will Be Bad for Their Marriage. It’s not! Here’s why.

Posted By: on October 16, 2018
husband and wife just married
If you think that couples counseling will be bad for your marriage, you’re misinformed. It’s actually a way to strengthen your bond, get past disagreements, and help you and your spouse become better communicators with one another. Marriage counseling is ideal for men and women at any stage of their relationship (married or not). In fact, Psychology Today Author Caroline Sweatt-Eldredge states that “Couples who engage in premarital counseling have a more realistic view of marriage and a de

When Should I Go to Marriage Counseling and When Do I Need Individual Counseling?

Posted By: on October 02, 2018
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Counseling services vary in approach. Couples counseling or marriage counseling is a service that couples use to deal with issues that could potentially damage their relationship. Because couples counseling addresses the couple and the relationship in question, it doesn’t necessarily focus on the individual. Individual counseling is an entirely different type of counseling that complements couples counseling by helping one person understand their role in the marital issues. When Should I

The Psychiatrist Shortage in the US, and What We’re Doing to Help

Posted By: on September 17, 2018
Group of psychiatrists
It takes a village, and we’re up for the challenge! The shortage of psychiatrists in the United States is making it difficult for patients to promptly receive the care that they require. Depending on location, the average wait can be 12 to 16 weeks! Heart-Centered Counseling is actively hiring psychiatrists so we can see our patients within a seven day time period. Putting your mental health and well-being first is our priority, and we’re working around the clock to solve the psychiatrist s

How Psychiatry Can Complement Counseling

Posted By: on September 03, 2018
person in need of psychiatric services
The two treatment options benefit one another. Meeting with a psychiatrist can support the way that you heal. In addition to promoting good physical and psychological health, psychiatry complements talk therapy. You can enjoy both the benefits of taking medication, as well as working through your issues with a licensed therapist, and you'll be able to make progress quickly and effectively. Here are two of the ways psychiatry complements counseling: By increasing cognitive reasoning. Whe

How to Talk to People You Really Care About So They’ll Really Listen

Posted By: on August 20, 2018
2 people talking
Effective communication starts with you. Do you communicate your needs effectively? Do you gently ask for people’s attention when talking with them or do you try to squeeze things in when you or they are busy doing something else? Learning how to pick up on verbal and nonverbal clues will help you to understand if what you are saying to a loved one is being heard. Here is how to talk to people you really care about so they’ll really listen: Ask if it is a good time to have a discuss

How to Take Care of Your Emotional Well-Being: A Quick Guide for People on the Go

Posted By: on August 06, 2018
busy person
If you know the feeling of being busy all too well, understand that you’re not alone. According to Author Lissa Rankin, M.D., there are even people who are addicted to being busy. In fact, she states that men, women, and children can sometimes hide behind a busy schedule as a way to avoid feeling discomfort and dissatisfaction with their lives. They can sometimes wear this busyness as a badge of honor that raises their self-worth and self-importance. The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of B