Me… Anxiety… & Gratefulness…

Posted By: on April 25, 2019
stressed young adult
Have you ever felt like you have everything under control? It’s the best feeling, right? I’d like to think, that for the most part, that’s me. I see myself as being pretty resilient and someone that can cope with the curve balls that life seems to keep throwing my way. I work hard, enjoy life and focus on the things that matter. Like most people, I just take life one day at a time. About four months ago I had my first anxiety attack and it was completely unexpected. Prior to that, I’d

The Many Sides of Anxiety

Posted By: on April 18, 2019
woman suffering from anxiety
I learned over the years that there are many sides to anxiety. I, myself, was diagnosed with anxiety a couple of years ago, but have always dealt with it prior to the official diagnosis. I knew it was time to get help when my anxiety would cause panic and fear that would impact my daily life as a wife and mother to four children. For me that was taking prescribed medicine to help with it, talking with others (family), and making sure I knew what to do when I felt this panic or extreme fear. O

Laughter Might Be The Best Medicine

Posted By: on April 14, 2019
4 women laughing
It wasn’t until I went through one of the darkest seasons of my life, that I learned about the power of laughter. When anxiety rears its ugly head, or depression seems to wake you up, it feels like the end of the world. I’ve found that light is much closer than we think, closer than our very breath… Have you ever heard of a man named Norman Cousins? Me neither. Not until recently when I was moved by his story. Cousins, a political journalist took a trip to Russia and contracted ankylosi

The Healing Power of Authenticity and Vulnerability

Posted By: on April 10, 2019
woman in field
Among the greatest strengths you have as a person are your abilities to be authentic and vulnerable. In fact, both promote deeper healing because they help identify your unique needs and allow you to ask for, and receive, the help that you require to fulfill yourself physically, socially, emotionally, psychologically, financially, and spiritually. What Makes Authenticity and Vulnerability Your Greatest Strengths Being authentic allows you to embrace all parts of yourself and be honest with

Contact in Relationships: The Gift of Being Present with Ourselves and One Another

Posted By: on March 27, 2019
2 friends laughing
How you can be more mindful and aware in every interaction you have in the future? It’s human instinct to crave connection with other people. After all, we’re social beings by nature. So, how do we fulfill our relationship needs in a world where technology drives our interactions with others? How do we connect with people outside of the short conversations we have in public or the text messages and chats we have electronically? This deserves further exploration. Contact in relationships is

Happy Together: The Healing Power of Your Marriage

Posted By: on March 13, 2019
married couple on the lake
Couples counseling strengthens bonds and teaches better communication skills both before and during a marriage. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married five months or fifty years. The secret to a happy and successful marriage is valuing one another as the complex human beings that you both are. After all, just as seasons change, so do people and the relationships that they have. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage will take a turn for the worse. It does imply, however, that

Four Ways to Handle Difficult Relationships

Posted By: on February 20, 2019
man and woman talking
How counseling helps you communicate better and what to do if the troubled relationship is with your spouse. If you have difficulty relating to some of the people in your life, you’re not alone. A difference in opinion is sometimes all that it takes to make communicating feel impossible. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find solutions when it comes to spending time with and even talking to the difficult people in your life. In fact, there are many ways to address trying relation

Why Do People Go to Therapy?

Posted By: on February 06, 2019
family coping with change
There are many reasons people choose to see a therapist. Therapy strengthens relationships. Therapy provides solutions that help individuals, couples, and families overcome challenges. Therapy makes you a better communicator. Therapy helps you take responsibility for your actions as they affect not only your life but the lives of the people you’re closest to. In therapy, conversations take place in a safe setting, free from judgment and under the care of a licensed counselor trained to help

Will My Insurance Pay for Therapy?

Posted By: on January 30, 2019
person feeling disconnected and lost
Insurance companies must treat mental health the way they do physical health thanks to changes in legislature. You no longer need to worry about whether or not your insurance covers mental health therapy because it does (in some important ways): In the past, many companies refused to provide coverage for psychiatry and counseling services. Today, however, things have changed much to the benefit of people like you who are considering therapy as a form of treatment and healing. Learn more The M

What is Counseling Like?

Posted By: on January 16, 2019
depressed person on steps
Learn what to expect before attending your first session. You’ve probably witnessed the world of therapy through the entertainment industry’s eyes. You’ve seen plenty of therapists depicted in film and TV shows. Some of the impressions you may have been left with include therapy being ineffective, that it seldom helps, or that mental health professionals have large laundry lists of issues of their own! Counseling Isn’t What Hollywood Portrays It to Be Counseling is highly beneficial a