How Telehealth Services Can Help Keep You Sane During The Pandemic

Posted By: on March 26, 2020
Telehealth Services during Coronavirus pandemic
The term ‘telemedicine’ was originally used to describe medical assistance given over the telephone, such as Dial-a-Nurse line. Nowadays, however, the term telehealth is more widely used to include a variety of electronic systems that deliver medical advice or counseling sessions online, such as live video communication, apps, and live messaging via text. In the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the general advice is not to attend medical care facilities in person unless you absolu

Could You Be Experiencing A Mental Breakdown?

Posted By: on March 19, 2020
person experiencing a mental breakdown
All too often the term ‘mental breakdown’ is misused and even joked about. Sometimes also referred to as a nervous breakdown, the term indicates a general state of mental distress, and could include such disorders as anxiety and depression. Many who suffer from this struggle to function in their everyday lives, and need intervention or help from a qualified counselor. The word ‘breakdown’ signifies that the individual is experiencing a period in their lives in which they are sufferi

Take Steps Toward Inner Peace in this Time of COVID-19

Posted By: on March 16, 2020
Woman with mask on during coronavirus outbreak
I'm beginning this blog post with a "Thank You!" I'm truly grateful that you’re taking the time to read this, and that you care enough about your well-being and those around you that you’re curious and want to learn how to bring more peace and care into the world... ...a world that is changing quickly around us. Very quickly. Each day, there’s news of a growing number of COVID-19 cases; news of new CDC or state-level measures to help reduce the spread; news of the economic impact, from

Could You Be Genetically Predisposed To Depression?

Posted By: on March 12, 2020
depressed woman
As one of the most common mental health disorders in the U.S, it’s understandable that questions have been asked as to whether genetics may play a role in determining who suffers from depression. If you have depression, you might be worried that you’ll pass it on to your kids, or if one of your parents is depressed, you may be concerned that you’ll inherit it from them. Anyone of any age, gender, ethnicity or background can suffer from depression, and statistics show that one in six o

Spotting The Signs Of A Controlling Partner

Posted By: on March 05, 2020
controlling partner
While most of us think that we know how to spot the signs of a controlling person, it can become more challenging to identify those behavioral patterns and accept them if we love that individual. However, being in a relationship with a controlling person can be emotionally and physically draining, and unless that person seeks help, or you take the difficult decision to leave them, your life may not feel as happy, safe and full of love as it deserves to be. Here are just some of the many sign

Is Social Anxiety Having A Negative Impact On Your Life?

Posted By: on February 27, 2020
person suffering from Social Anxiety
Do you get nervous and agitated before social events such as weddings, parties or post work get-togethers? Do you feel so anxious beforehand that you often contemplate not going, or imagine terrible and embarrassing things happening if you do go? If social anxiety is affecting your ability to create meaningful relationships, or even just to feel confident and happy, then it might be time to take a hold of the situation and get yourself some professional help before it begins to have a 

Is Worrying Taking Its Toll On You?

Posted By: on February 20, 2020
person worrying
All of us worry, and some of us more than others, but did you know that excessive worrying can take a toll on your body? Aside from leading to feelings of anxiety, it can also make you ill. Sometimes, your mind might go into overdrive when thinking about certain things - be it a situation or a dilemma – forcing you to constantly focus on the many things that might happen. Sometimes, you’ll likely feel anxious a lot of the time. If that’s a routine occurrence, it might be time to seek p

Dealing With Hurt

Posted By: on February 13, 2020
woman crying
Hurt affects us all at some stage in our lives, but some of us find it harder to deal with than others. For those individuals, when a hurtful incident begins to have a negative impact upon their daily life, then they know that it’s time to seek help, and thankfully, there are some steps that you can follow to help ease the pain: Try to recognize the hurt – was it intentional or a misunderstanding? Grounding yourself for a moment, perhaps by simply slowing down your breathing for a mom

Why Counseling Isn’t (Just) About Mental Health

Posted By: on January 30, 2020
Counseling session
There are many reasons why incidents of self-harm, attempted suicide, and mental breakdowns continue to rise among teenagers, college students and young adults in general. These range from social media to family issues to debts to mental health issues. While those with a diagnosable mental health condition may get the help and understanding that they need, those who struggle to cope with life for other reasons may receive much less attention. It’s not unusual for those struggling with

Could Your Child Be Suffering From A Mental Health Condition?

Posted By: on January 23, 2020
depressed child
While it might seem alarming to know that one in five children are suffering from a mental health condition, it’s perhaps of some comfort to know that most are wholly diagnosable and entirely treatable. That said, the reality is that almost two thirds of those children get little help, if they receive any at all. The reasons for this lack of help may be wide and far ranging, but if you suspect that your child may have a mental health condition, it’s important that you don’t contribute