How Covid-19 Might Have Impacted Mindset

Posted By: on June 04, 2020
person mentally affected by Covid-19
Experts are saying that the way in which we evaluate risks and make decisions has been dramatically altered by the corona virus, and that there are no guarantees this will change once the crisis has finished. Looking to China, experts have found that even while the country and its residents move out of lockdown many people are experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety. If you’re not someone that normally feels stress or anxiety beyond the normal parameters, then you’ll either

Is Your Child Anxious About Returning To School?

Posted By: on May 28, 2020
Child Anxious About Returning To School
Even if your child was popular at school, enjoyed their classes and always looked forward to each new school day, they may be experiencing some anxiety at having to return there after such a long break. And for those who struggled at school, it can be ten times worse. Such a huge disruption to their routine can throw kids off balance, and it’s important that as parents and caregivers, we recognize their concerns and do our best to help them as life returns to some semblance of normalcy.

How Counseling Could Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Posted By: on May 21, 2020
addiction counseling session
For most thinking about addiction, alcohol and drugs will be at the forefront of their minds, but while it’s certainly true that millions of Americans have uncontrollable dependency’s upon alcohol or drugs, they’re not the only addictions crippling US citizens: A startling 1 out of every 8 Americans has a destructive addiction to something that is hampering their ability to lead a normal life. The statistics for this are scarce, and mainly because destructive habits are not currently r

Is Paranoia Destroying Your Relationship?

Posted By: on May 14, 2020
paranoid person
Some degree of worry is a part of any relationship, but if you’re struggling to trust your partner and are being consumed by destructive, paranoid thoughts, you could be putting your relationship at a very real risk. Keeping your doubts in perspective and learning to love yourself, first and foremost, is the advice from experts for keeping your relationship healthy, and here are some of the ways that you can aim to achieve this: Try to resist texting or calling when your partner is out

Is Your Marriage Under Strain Due To Covid-19?

Posted By: on May 07, 2020
married couple experiencing troubles
No matter whether you’re a lovestruck newlywed, or have been part of a contented marriage for many years, there are myriad things life can throw at us to put those relationships under strain, and a pandemic such as the one we’re all experiencing now, is a prime example.  With lockdown restrictions in place, couples are being forced to share small spaces for weeks on end, with little chance of reprieve. Add children, grandchildren and even pets to the picture, and the whole situation can

Are You In A Destructive Relationship?

Posted By: on April 30, 2020
toxic relationship
Whether you’re in a new relationship, or have been with your partner for many months or years, it’s not always easy to recognize or accept that the relationship may be a destructive one, and sometimes you might end up staying in an unhealthy relationship because you fear the alternative of being alone.  If friends have stopped contacting you as often, or family members have begun to remark that you don’t seem to be like your usual self, it could be that something in your life needs to

What To Expect From Your First Counseling Session

Posted By: on April 23, 2020
counseling session
You may be nervous, worried or even a little fearful about your first counseling session, but in taking what will be the first step towards helping yourself to feel better, you have absolutely nothing to fear. Your counselor will quickly make you feel welcome, at ease and most importantly, safe. The space in which you’ll have your first conversation (and if it makes you feel better, that’s all it really is) will be entirely private, entirely safe and hopefully, entirely comfortable, alt

Helping Your Kids Cope Mentally During The Pandemic

Posted By: on April 16, 2020
parent comforting child
While these unprecedented times are alarming and unpredictable for us adults, imagine how it appears to our kids and how they might be struggling to make sense of what is going on around them. No matter how much we may want to shield and protect our children from the reality of the pandemic, most are observant and curious and are bound to have their own set of questions and fears. So, how can you, as a parent, caregiver or even sibling, help your kids to cope mentally during the pandemic? H

Am I Too Old To Benefit From Counseling?

Posted By: on April 09, 2020
elderly couple in counseling office
Growing old, while undoubtedly a privilege for so many, can be a time of fear and uncertainty, too. With age comes responsibility, a wide variety of health concerns, and anxieties and worries from the past can readily come back to haunt us. However, evidence continues to show that talking about our problems and concerns not only helps to lighten the emotional burden, but can help improve our overall health and wellbeing, too. If you’re a senior and have tried counseling when you were youn

Panic & Pandemics; How To Reduce Anxiety During A Health Crisis

Posted By: on April 02, 2020
woman suffering from depression during a crisis
It’s hard to stay away from social media and the news when we’re in the middle of a modern health crisis, but, how we react to what we’re seeing and the messages that are being conveyed to us, varies hugely. Some jump into action far quicker than others and begin preparing for isolation and lockdowns, while others downplay the significance of the reports and continue to carry on with their lives as normal, at least until they see proof of how the pandemic is affecting them in their corner