Is This Eating Disorder Spiraling Out of Control?

Posted By: on July 30, 2020
girl suffering from eating disorder
Eating too much every now and then is perfectly normal, and something that we’ve all done at one time or another. Eating when we’re feeling emotional, is equally as normal. However, if you frequently overeat and do so as a compulsion, then this may be a routine way that you’ve learned to cope with a certain emotional state, such as feeling sad or angry about something. After you’ve binged, you may feel guilty, ashamed or depressed, perpetuating your negative emotional state. Some peo

Can You Pass Your Mental Illness On To Your Child?

Posted By: on July 23, 2020
child running to mother
If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, then you might be worried that you’ll pass this on to your unborn child, or that the children you already have... worried that they will go on to show symptoms later in life. However, there are no genetic tests to confirm a diagnosis of mental disorder, and it has long been known that experiences and environmental factors can play a significant role in the development of a mental disorder. That said, if someone in the family does suffer fro

Getting Help For Your Mental Health Without Leaving Home

Posted By: on July 16, 2020
woman on computer seeking mental help
There may be many reasons why you’re unable, or unwilling, to attend a traditional counseling session in person. While the restrictions placed upon many of us due to the current pandemic might be one factor, it could also be that you might have to travel a long way to reach your nearest therapist, you’re simply too busy with childcare or other commitments to find the time to get away, or even that you are worried about the process and dread the thought of meeting with a counselor in an offi

Diffusing Fights and Resolving Relationship Conflicts

Posted By: on July 09, 2020
man and woman in disagreement
Every relationship has its ups and downs, no matter how much the couple loves each other, or how tolerant they may be of the other’s perceived faults. Arguments and conflicts will always arise, but there are ways in which you can diffuse them peacefully and resolve them before they come between you. Here are a few simple tips for diffusing fights and resolving relationship conflicts: Ignore the ancient adage about not going to bed angry! It may make you feel a little uncomfortable, b

Could Talking To A Counselor Help With Covid-19 Related Stress?

Posted By: on July 02, 2020
Whether you’ve previously struggled with your mental health, or the stresses and strains of Covid-19 have made you feel anxious or depressed in ways you’ve never experienced before, talking to a professional counselor could help you to cope and feel more positive about the future. Telling yourself that you’ll feel better once the virus is under control and some semblance of normality can be sought, may be true, but ignoring how you’re feeling now, could mean that you won’t be menta

Why Introverts Are More Likely To Suffer From Depression

Posted By: on June 25, 2020
depressed female
While it’s true that depression can affect any one of us, at any given time, introverts tend to be more susceptible to it than others, and this can be a direct result of their natural sensitivity. Difficult relationships, a lack of work/life balance and general feelings of dissatisfaction with themselves may be problems that introverts face; sometimes making life extremely challenging for them and inducing feelings of depression. Day dreaming and a deep connection with their innermost thought

Is Mental Illness Damaging Your Relationship?

Posted By: on June 18, 2020
Broken Relationship due to Mental Illness
If your partner suffers from a mental illness, it can cause them to become withdrawn and even negative towards you, putting the relationship under growing stress and strain. This can be an issue whether you knew your partner was mentally unwell before you entered in a relationship with them, or if they subsequently began to struggle. However, this doesn’t have to signify the end of the relationship, and there are things that you can do together, to reduce the levels of stress and show your

Why Do Our Mental Health Recovery’s Sometimes Break Down?

Posted By: on June 12, 2020
man having a mental breakdown
Recovering from a mental health struggle can sometimes be a slow process, and for some individuals, it can last a long time. While the journey is different for everyone, many will have experienced a breakdown at some stage in their recovery/healing journey, and often the reasons are the same: Your physical needs may not be being met: Having compassion for yourself is a wonderful thing and learning to understand what your body needs at any given time is equally as powerful. It’s vital th

How Covid-19 Might Have Impacted Mindset

Posted By: on June 04, 2020
person mentally affected by Covid-19
Experts are saying that the way in which we evaluate risks and make decisions has been dramatically altered by the corona virus, and that there are no guarantees this will change once the crisis has finished. Looking to China, experts have found that even while the country and its residents move out of lockdown many people are experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety. If you’re not someone that normally feels stress or anxiety beyond the normal parameters, then you’ll either

Is Your Child Anxious About Returning To School?

Posted By: on May 28, 2020
Child Anxious About Returning To School
Even if your child was popular at school, enjoyed their classes and always looked forward to each new school day, they may be experiencing some anxiety at having to return there after such a long break. And for those who struggled at school, it can be ten times worse. Such a huge disruption to their routine can throw kids off balance, and it’s important that as parents and caregivers, we recognize their concerns and do our best to help them as life returns to some semblance of normalcy.