How Covid-19 Might Have Impacted Mindset

Posted By: on June 04, 2020
person mentally affected by Covid-19
Experts are saying that the way in which we evaluate risks and make decisions has been dramatically altered by the corona virus, and that there are no guarantees this will change once the crisis has finished. Looking to China, experts have found that even while the country and its residents move out of lockdown many people are experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety. If you’re not someone that normally feels stress or anxiety beyond the normal parameters, then you’ll either

Is Your Child Anxious About Returning To School?

Posted By: on May 28, 2020
Child Anxious About Returning To School
Even if your child was popular at school, enjoyed their classes and always looked forward to each new school day, they may be experiencing some anxiety at having to return there after such a long break. And for those who struggled at school, it can be ten times worse. Such a huge disruption to their routine can throw kids off balance, and it’s important that as parents and caregivers, we recognize their concerns and do our best to help them as life returns to some semblance of normalcy.

Panic & Pandemics; How To Reduce Anxiety During A Health Crisis

Posted By: on April 02, 2020
woman suffering from depression during a crisis
It’s hard to stay away from social media and the news when we’re in the middle of a modern health crisis, but, how we react to what we’re seeing and the messages that are being conveyed to us, varies hugely. Some jump into action far quicker than others and begin preparing for isolation and lockdowns, while others downplay the significance of the reports and continue to carry on with their lives as normal, at least until they see proof of how the pandemic is affecting them in their corner

Is Social Anxiety Having A Negative Impact On Your Life?

Posted By: on February 27, 2020
person suffering from Social Anxiety
Do you get nervous and agitated before social events such as weddings, parties or post work get-togethers? Do you feel so anxious beforehand that you often contemplate not going, or imagine terrible and embarrassing things happening if you do go? If social anxiety is affecting your ability to create meaningful relationships, or even just to feel confident and happy, then it might be time to take a hold of the situation and get yourself some professional help before it begins to have a 

Is Worrying Taking Its Toll On You?

Posted By: on February 20, 2020
person worrying
All of us worry, and some of us more than others, but did you know that excessive worrying can take a toll on your body? Aside from leading to feelings of anxiety, it can also make you ill. Sometimes, your mind might go into overdrive when thinking about certain things - be it a situation or a dilemma – forcing you to constantly focus on the many things that might happen. Sometimes, you’ll likely feel anxious a lot of the time. If that’s a routine occurrence, it might be time to seek p

Ways To Raise Your Self Esteem

Posted By: on January 16, 2020
People with increased self esteem
Low self-esteem can affect any of us at any stage in our lives, and while some are more prone to it than others, there will be few out there who haven’t felt its debilitating effects upon their mental and physical well being. Here are a few ways in which you can help to improve your self-esteem: Don’t give up: When times are tough, it’s important to recognize that things will get better and that you can impact how you’re feeling. Try to channel your energy toward feelings of c

When Worrying Turns Into An Anxiety Disorder

Posted By: on September 12, 2019
stressed out woman, worrying
While we all worry – and it’s perfectly natural to do so - for some, those worries can take over their lives and even prevent them from functioning as they should. When this happens, the term ‘anxiety’ usually comes into play. While some use the two terms (worry and anxiety) on an interchangeable basis, we’ll refer to anxiety as a condition that affects the mental health of millions the world over. What are the differences between worry and anxiety? When a person is worrying, it’s

Dealing with Anxiety: How to Overcome Our Fears

Posted By: on May 02, 2019
woman feeling free from anxiety
While anxiety can be a normal and healthy reaction, it can also start to grow out of proportion. It can even become a disorder. When our anxieties and fears take over and control our lives, that is when it becomes a problem. There are different types of anxiety disorders that people may suffer from: Generalized anxiety disorder: This is where you are anxious overall. Every day you feel anxious about multiple different things. Social anxiety: This is where you feel very anxious in social

Me… Anxiety… & Gratefulness…

Posted By: on April 25, 2019
stressed young adult
Have you ever felt like you have everything under control? It’s the best feeling, right? I’d like to think, that for the most part, that’s me. I see myself as being pretty resilient and someone that can cope with the curve balls that life seems to keep throwing my way. I work hard, enjoy life and focus on the things that matter. Like most people, I just take life one day at a time. About four months ago I had my first anxiety attack and it was completely unexpected. Prior to that, I’d

The Many Sides of Anxiety

Posted By: on April 18, 2019
woman suffering from anxiety
I learned over the years that there are many sides to anxiety. I, myself, was diagnosed with anxiety a couple of years ago, but have always dealt with it prior to the official diagnosis. I knew it was time to get help when my anxiety would cause panic and fear that would impact my daily life as a wife and mother to four children. For me that was taking prescribed medicine to help with it, talking with others (family), and making sure I knew what to do when I felt this panic or extreme fear. O