The Benefits of Longer Term Therapy

Posted By: on August 31, 2016
 Many people will seek professional counseling or go to therapy at some point in their lives. It’s beneficial for many areas of life, or before and after big life changes. People talk with professionals about marriage, divorce, a new baby, losing a friend or family or being unemployed. Talking with an unbiased professional who can offer practical advice and coping mechanisms is extremely beneficial during a difficult time. However, most people who get professional help only do so for a short

What Therapists Know That You Should Too

Posted By: on June 23, 2016
Have you ever consulted a therapist who did not seem to be particularly interested in your concerns ? There is actually a reason for why that is the case! If you really needed advice, you would naturally be consulting a different person. Your instinct to consult a therapist stems from the fact that you were searching for empathy, support, and active listening. Instead of trying to solve your problem with advice, therapists are trying to listen to your qualms and guide you to a decision. Here are