Heart-Centered Counseling Now Offering Psychiatric Care

Posted By: on May 17, 2017

Carl’s Counseling is here to help you improve your mental health. We want you to feel as mentally (and physically) healthy as possible. We are here whether you are dealing with a short-term situation or working through some long-term trauma. Therapy is key to getting through a wide variety of situations. However, we also know that some people may need a little more.

Because there are multiple reasons to seek therapy, there are many different approaches to getting the best possible care. What works for one person or situation may not be what you need. That is why Heart-Centered Counseling will now be offering psychiatric care and medicine management in addition to our regular counseling services. While some people can work through issues by talking to a counselor or therapist, others may have chemical imbalances or severe mental health crises that require medication as a part of the treatment.

Counselors are highly trained to help identify the exact issues you are struggling with and their underlying causes, talk you through them, and help you find ways to cope and heal. While they have advanced degrees and lots of training, therapists or counselors aren’t able to prescribe medicine. We now have psychiatrists and nurse practitioners that are certified to provide medications for those who need it.

However, we do not just prescribe medicine and send you out the door. We believe that the best treatment involves a combination of medication and therapy. Many people find that taking medication, along with their regular sessions with their counselor, can help them find balance in their lives so they can really heal.

Heart-Centered Counseling is dedicated to helping you with your mental health. Whatever services you need, give us a call today.

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