Better Together: 3 Defining Principles for Heart-Centered Counseling

Posted By: on July 10, 2015

At Heart-Centered Counseling, our culture is one of coming together to become something greater than we could ever be on our own.

We recognize that no one gets through this world alone and that we are stronger together.

As we continue to grow our team, we are striving to become a premier counseling group in Fort Collins and the surrounding area. We believe strongly that our growth is directly tied to our three defining principles:

1. We Are Committed to Our Clients

We help each person who comes to us get immediate, short-term relief from their immediate crisis. And then we go well beyond short-term fixes, helping our clients uproot and heal the issues that have plagued them, sometimes for many years.

We invite each client to recognize their short-term crisis as an invitation—an open door—to understanding what is causing their relational and emotional crises in the first place.

Getting to the root the deeper underlying issues takes time, but for those clients who wish to go beyond short-term fixes, this longer-term therapy can be transformative, helping them reclaim—and keep—their sense of worthiness, love, and acceptance.

2. We Are Committed to Our Professions

We believe it is our responsibility to continuously improve our skills as practitioners of psychotherapy.

This may happen formally through participation in our training program and process groups, both of which allow us to grow together. It may also happen less formally through our willingness to see our clients not only as people we help, but also as teachers, helping us understand more about ourselves, our world, and our profession.

3. We Are Committed to Each Other

Within our group, we have committed to making ourselves daringly vulnerable to each other.

That means being open to sharing our experiences, feedback, and vulnerabilities. We promise each other that we will not shame ourselves or each other in our interactions, and we will make ourselves available to listen and assist our colleagues when they need our help.

This provides a robust foundation of support from which we can better deliver care to the clients who trust us to help them feel whole again.


In these three ways: our commitment to our client, our commitment to our profession, and our commitment to one another, we commit ourselves to continuing to grow our reach and our effectiveness as therapists for the people living in and around Fort Collins.

If you’ve ever wondered if contacting a therapist could help you feel better, now is a great time to seek out the help that has transformed the lives of some of your friends and neighbors. Give us a call any time at (970) 498-0709, or send me a confidential email at

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