Am I Too Old To Benefit From Counseling?

Posted By: on April 09, 2020
elderly couple in counseling office

Growing old, while undoubtedly a privilege for so many, can be a time of fear and uncertainty, too. With age comes responsibility, a wide variety of health concerns, and anxieties and worries from the past can readily come back to haunt us.

However, evidence continues to show that talking about our problems and concerns not only helps to lighten the emotional burden, but can help improve our overall health and wellbeing, too. If you’re a senior and have tried counseling when you were younger, or are new to therapy, being older should be no boundary to reaching out and talking to a professional.

How can counseling help older people?

Whatever it is that you want to talk to someone about, a counselor will be ready and willing to listen and help you move forward so that you can truly enjoy and relish your senior years. Even if you want to make changes to your life and your perspective, it is never too late, and whatever your age, you can learn to behave differently, have a deeper understanding of your life and the lives of those around you and can begin to renew the process of self-discovery.

Isn’t it too late to teach an old dog new tricks?

There is nothing tricky about counseling, and it isn’t about teaching you new things that you didn’t know when you were younger, but more about channelling your years of experience and knowledge so that you can get the best out of your life, no matter how different it may be to what it once was.

You may worry that you’re set in your ways or that you should accept the cards that life has dealt you, but just because you think this way, doesn’t mean that it’s true. We are all capable of change and growth, right up until we take our final breaths, and some of us may find more ways to achieve peace than we did when we were younger.

The longer people are living nowadays, the more important it is to realize that with age can come great wisdom, and by seeking counseling, many seniors could find new opportunities to illuminate their retirement years and feel more fulfilled the older they get.

How different is therapy for an older person than a young one?

For those who have been alive for longer, there may be even more opportunities to do some truly deep and effective work that can alter your entire perspective and help you to appreciate what you do and don’t need in your life, as you get older. Fear levels are reduced, and when you realize that you have the freedom to change at any age, it can give you an amazing and liberating feeling.

So, the simple answer is no, you are never too old to benefit from counseling, and even during these times of crisis, there are many qualified and experienced therapists offering online counseling sessions to ensure that everybody can get the help they need, no matter their age or their location. 

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