How to Have a Happy Marriage Without Losing Yourself

Posted By: on May 31, 2017
Getting married is not a small step. You are entwining your life with another person’s. You’ll live together, combine all of your stuff, and spend a lot of time together as a couple for the rest of your lives. This companionship is a great thing, but it can also be easy to lose yourself when you spend so much time with another person. However, it’s possible to have a happy marriage without losing yourself entirely. In fact, maintaining your sense of self is crucial to a happy marriage. Tha

Heart-Centered Counseling Now Offering Tele-Therapy

Posted By: on May 24, 2017
 If you’ve been with Heart-Centered Counseling for a while, you know we offer a wide variety of services to help you get through anything life may throw at you. Whether it’s divorce, anxiety, depression, or something else, Heart-Centered Counseling is here to help you. In that spirit, we are now offering new services to better care for you.One of those services we now have is tele-therapy. Tele-therapy allows you to speak with a therapist remotely using a video conferencing tool. Just like

Heart-Centered Counseling Now Offering Psychiatric Care

Posted By: on May 17, 2017
Carl’s Counseling is here to help you improve your mental health. We want you to feel as mentally (and physically) healthy as possible. We are here whether you are dealing with a short-term situation or working through some long-term trauma. Therapy is key to getting through a wide variety of situations. However, we also know that some people may need a little more. Because there are multiple reasons to seek therapy, there are many different approaches to getting the best possible care. What w

How to Love and Support a Partner With Anxiety

Posted By: on May 10, 2017
Being in a relationship isn’t always easy. There will be days and times when things aren’t going well for one or both of you, or when you can’t seem to get on the same page no matter how hard you try. However, when your partner suffers from anxiety, it can be even more difficult. You may not always understand what they’re experiencing, and your partner may not always be able to communicate exactly how they’re feeling. However, there are still plenty of ways to love and support a partne

Why Being Kind to Yourself Matters

Posted By: on May 03, 2017
We can be so mean to ourselves. You would never call your friends or family members stupid losers, right? You’d never tell them that they’re fat, lazy, worthless, dumb or any other of mean and degrading names. So why do we often talk to ourselves that way? Many of us are so unkind to ourselves in a way we never would be to another person. However, being kind to ourselves is so important. Here are some of the benefits of being kind to yourself. Stress LessWhen you’re always hypercritical o

How to Get Through Tough Times

Posted By: on April 26, 2017
When life gets tough, it can seem like it’s almost impossible to get through. Waking up day after day when you’re stressed, depressed, angry, or confused about a difficult situation can drain you. Thankfully, tough times don’t last forever and there are ways to make getting through them a little easier. Find an OutletBeing stressed, sad, or angry over something in your life is totally normal. However, you don’t want it to take over your life. Finding an outlet for your stress, sadness, o

How Therapy Helps with Grief

Posted By: on April 19, 2017
Everyone would love for life to be easy and happy all the time, where only good things happen. Unfortunately, bad things are just a part of life. There will be times in your life when you’ll experience deep sorrow and sadness and grief. Grief often comes after a big loss, like the death of a friend, family member, or loved one. It can even come from a smaller loss, like getting laid off or having a friend move away. While grief is a natural experience, it can also interfere with your life.

How Money Creates Anxiety and How to Cope

Posted By: on April 12, 2017
There are some things in life that are more stressful than others—losing a job, moving, divorce. However, few things are more stressful for people than money issues. Whether you have a lot or a little, money can cause problems. It’s the number one stressor in the United States. In fact, money stresses people out so much that it actually has a name. Psychologists use the term money anxiety disorder (MAD) to describe constant worry about finances. When someone doesn’t have enough money, they

The Difference Between Sadness and Depression

Posted By: on April 05, 2017
Everyone gets sad sometimes. It could just be a rainy day where nothing goes right or a bigger loss, like a breakup or a death in the family. Feeling low is a normal part of being human. However, people often confuse sadness for depression, or explain away their depression as sadness. Here are some ways to tell the difference between sadness and depression and what to do about both. Depression and sadness aren’t opposites, but they are different. Feeling extremely sad or experiencing major gr

Part 2: But Don’t Forget to Love Your Sad and Angry Parts, Too

Posted By: on March 29, 2017
We’ve talked about how focusing on appreciation and positivity can help you feel better. Practicing gratitude will help you see how much you already have, rather than focusing on what you don’t. It can lessen anxiety and feelings of depression and strengthen your relationships. Choosing to be positive and look on the bright side can help you be happier and cope with negative situations when they inevitably arise. However, you can’t expect yourself to be perfectly positive and grateful all