It’s easier than you think to get started.

Just call me to get the ball rolling.


I hear from clients all the time that it’s really important to “get help now.” After all, that’s why you’re looking at my website. So I’ve made it as easy as possible to get the ball rolling.

Call me and I’ll listen to your issues, and offer you an overview of the help I can offer you. While you’re learning more about my background and the services I offer on the website,I invite you to call me when you feel ready to get the process started.

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Those are my professional credentials – but more on those in a minute.

I’m very fortunate to have a career I love. I love getting up each morning and supporting people I’ve come to genuinely care for and value. Each day I’m deeply touched by the courage of the human spirit.

I’ve made sure I have both the passion for the work and the professional competence to do it well. I started out with my graduate school training that lead to a national certification as a certified counselor (NCC) and a state license as a professional counselor (LPC). But I didn’t stop here.

I worked for several years in a post-graduate training program to earn international certification as a Certified Integrative Psychotherapist (CIP). I also teach, train, and supervise other psychotherapists, earning the title International Integrative Psychotherapy Trainer and Supervisor  (IIPTS).

Most importantly, I offer you 14 years of professional, clinical experience that can help you whenever you need it.

Help for whatever hurts.

I understand why you’re here.

You’re visiting my website because you’re in pain. Whether there’s a deep sadness inside, a depression of sorts; or perhaps a relentless anxiety that’s keeping you up nights; or it’s that you’re suffering through a painful loss or traumatic event, you’re hurting.

Or it could be your marriage: struggling to stay together, to stay connected – hurt by poor communication or a traumatic event such as an affair.

I don’t know the exact reason you’re here yet but I do want you to know I’m here to help.

I invite you to click around my website, see the various reasons people come in for help, and the process we use to solve your problem.

Help Starts With A Phone Call.

One call is all it takes.

That’s how we can get started. Prior to your call, here’s a sample of what I can help you through:


For individuals

• Depression and sadness  
• Anxiety and fears  
• Trauma and PTSD  
• Relationship issues, including divorce  
• Loss and bereavement  
• Childhood pain, trauma, abuse and neglect  
• Mood swings and anger issues  
• Dissociative disorders

For couples

• Communication issues including anger  
• Argument and isolation  
• Trauma in the marriage – affairs  
• Betrayal  
• Abuse and other wounds  
• Reclaiming tenderness and passion

Let’s Get Started.

Pick up the phone and we’ll talk.

We’ll briefly discuss your reason for calling, and I’ll give you a quick overview of what we have to offer.
It’s a starting point that can lead you down the path to a successful resolution of your problems. Take the first step – call me.
You’ll be heard. And understood.
I look forward to hearing from you!


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